creative ideas

for exhibition stands

Take off and stand out - nowadays essential for a successful trade fair appearance! Because often individual stands are lost in the crowd and the expenses for stand construction, preparation and follow-up are becoming less and less worthwhile. It is therefore important to focus on unusual solutions that catch the eye and integrate loving details into the trade fair concept that arouse the interest of trade fair visitors. 

Special materials as eye-catchers

Many of the trade fair visitors are regular guests at events, have already seen a lot and are therefore no longer easy to impress when it comes to the design of trade fair stands. Therefore the motto is: Be courageous and don't think in old patterns when it comes to the use of materials. This is the only way to attract as many visitors as possible to the stand. It is important to remain true to the company's corporate design and to consider what suits you and your corporate image.

How about, for example, a lawn as a floor? This not only brings a breath of fresh air into the exhibition hall, but also arouses the interest of trade fair visitors. But you don't just want to attract attention, you also want to be particularly sustainable? Simply give away individual parts of the lawn on the last day of the trade fair - and you're guaranteed to be remembered by visitors and do something good at the same time by producing less rubbish. Of course, this only works in the area of your stand where not too many people walk around. However, the more frequented areas can also be very well laid out with wood, which can be reused at the next trade fair. Alternatively, you can also think about a sand-filled pool in which you can play boules, for example. When designing the stand, you should not only think of something special for the floor, but also for the rest of the design. What about special seating options? Great stools can be designed from logs. Alternatively, "partition walls" can also be made from logs. The great thing about it is that they can then be integrated into the stand construction at the next trade fair or even into your office furniture. There are no limits to your creativity - the more unusual, the better!

Exhibits in a different way 

You know the drill: When strolling around the fair, one stand looks like the other and you have had enough after a very short time and would be pleased about some variety? Companies that manage to incorporate a special eye-catcher into their stand concept have already won. Because an eye-catcher attracts passing visitors to the stand, the first step for a successful first contact is done, then only the product or service has to convince.

But how can such an eye-catcher look like? First think about your product: Is there perhaps a possibility to integrate it into an artistic object or to place it on the stand in oversize? With small products that are suddenly displayed in large format, the effect can be surprising and attractive. Visitors then see the product from a distance and become aware of the stand from a distance. The use of lighting effects or digital advertising media can also draw attention to the stand. Moving images quickly arouse the interest of visitors, but the size of the area also plays an important role here, so weighing up costs and benefits is crucial. Lighting installations are often easier to implement, but care should be taken to ensure that the stand and especially the conference area remain comfortable and that lighting effects do not cause too much unrest.

Putting an end to standards

In the meantime, it has become customary for small snacks, drinks and, of course, promotional gifts to be available at trade fair stands. After a few visits to the fair, the usual give-aways such as pens, notepads, sweets or lanyards are nothing special anymore. Let yourself think of something special. A fresh flower or a small jam jar as a promotional gift are not everyday and let your company remain in memory. You should also make sure that your snacks stand out from the other trade fair stands. When choosing the snacks, for example, you can orientate yourself to regional specialities. If a company comes from Bavaria, small Weißwürste, Brezen or Obazda offer themselves. If the company is at home in Hesse, visitors can be offered a sandwich with hand-made cheese. Or how about a delicious homemade warm apple pie like Grandma's or small mini-burgers instead of the usual canapés? The motto is: Distinguish yourself from your neighbours and create experiences that stay in your head. This can also be achieved with unusual crockery. Our tip: sustainable disposable crockery made of leaves instead of the typical cardboard crockery.

Interactivity wins

Another way of attracting attention is to actively involve visitors. If the product is a commodity, they can present it in a live demonstration at the stand, for example, and offer it in addition to the test. People quickly become enthusiastic when they are allowed to try something out and touch it themselves. A small cluster of people attracts attention and allows the number of visitors to grow rapidly. Or you can intercept the trade fair visitors right at the entrance of the trade fair, raffle prizes that can be picked up at the stand or work with a photo box. Visitors can have themselves photographed and then have their picture sent to them at the stand or by e-mail - so you can easily and effectively generate new leads. So, simply free yourself from the stand construction as you know it and try to ask yourself why you would visit a stand and set no limits to your ideas - the next stand will surely be an unforgettable brand experience!