live marketing

what exactly is meant by that?

Advertising is constantly present in our daily environment. Advertising messages are conveyed at every corner. It is particularly important for companies to stand out from the mass of advertising messages in order to reach the desired target group and remain in the memory for a long time. And this is exactly where live-marketing comes into play. Live marketing - of it most heard already once. Some also know that live-marketing is often mentioned in connection with events. But what exactly is this about? What is live marketing and what opportunities does it offer? In our following article we would like to introduce the topic of live-marketing and provide you with useful background information. Have fun reading! 

What is Live-Marketing?

Live marketing, often also referred to as live communication or event marketing, is the targeted planning of trade fairs, promotions, conferences, events and related communication measures. What they all have in common is direct communication between the company and the target group. The aim of live marketing is to make the brand a tangible experience for the target group. More and more companies rely on live-marketing. Classic forms of advertising on the radio, in the newspaper or on television are often lost, but through live marketing the target group is reached directly. In the best case the communication measure is so good that the enterprise and the action remain in the head on a long-term basis. Sustainable communication is the keyword. How does it really work? If you charge the brand emotionally. As a company you have the chance to interact actively and emotionally with the target group at events and to include them in the events and the company story.

Live-Marketing - let your creativity run free!

You can get really creative with live-marketing. Of course always within the available budget. In our article on digital trade fair accessories and how they revolutionise trade fair presentation , we have already presented the possibilities of live marketing. There we introduced you to Augmented and Virtual Reality. These two live-marketing tools make your brand particularly experienceable and fascinate most people.

A somewhat cheaper alternative would be a photo or video box at the next event? The customers can create pictures with a background branded by the company and then take the pictures and videos with them and, if desired, have them sent by e-mail. The customer has fun with the action and gets a product, which he can take home. In addition, this live-marketing campaign strengthens customer loyalty through further contact by e-mail. Existing customers as well as new customers are addressed directly and charmingly by such a measure. A positive memory, which is brought directly in connection with you and your enterprise. This is what a sustainable live-marketing measure looks like, which costs little but has a great effect.

Real-time communication in live-marketing

Another tool is real-time communication in the form of live streaming. Many networks now allow live streaming - Facebook or Instagram, for example. With the help of this real-time transmission, exciting content can be created and events or product presentations can be successfully marketed in the live stream. This allows you to increase your reach without incurring high costs. For example, you can stage your product or service in front of a cool backdrop. This should of course fit the theme of the product or service. If it's a football product, you could stream it live from a football stadium as part of a product test. To top it all off, you can have a professional footballer carry out the product test and make it visible via streaming for all visitors to the event, but also for customers who do not participate directly in the event. A good way to attract the attention of trade fair or event visitors. Because you don't see something like this every day and therefore many people will remember this live communication afterwards. The resulting content can also be used retrospectively for corporate communications and to increase reach. Another approach: Allows your visitors and customers an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into your company. Such exclusive insights are of interest to customers, make companies tangible and establish a personal connection between customer and company. Another variant of live marketing would be a live performance, which also attracts attention. Have you ever thought about a brand ambassador who would be a good match for your product and perhaps conduct a live test at the trade fair or event? No? then it's time!

As you can see, live marketing offers many different ways to stand out from the crowd and actively reach your target group. This is very important nowadays, because the classic forms of advertising are hardly enough to convince the target group and stay in their memory. Be creative and dare to go other ways. At the latest, when the first customers address you to the cool action, you will be glad that you discovered live marketing for your enterprise. You are welcome to contact us via our contact form, by mail or telephone and we will discuss together which live-marketing measures are suitable for you and your company.