reduction to the essentials

the new way to be remembered

The experience manufactory klardenker has set itself the task of designing resource-saving and sustainable exhibition stands and events that offer customers an experience with the brand. But what exactly is being reduced? And what's new about it? 


The bigger, more colourful, shriller and louder a trade fair stand is, the more it stands out and remains in your memory? No, an absolute delusion! Because everyday life and our environment overtax us with the amount of offers. One is overwhelmed from all sides, but we are not able to filter and process this amount of information sensibly. The solution? Counteract and convince with the opposite. 


Radical deceleration, so that the product stands in the foreground

Everything is reduced. Reduction decelerates us and gives us the opportunity again to concentrate on the essentials. At a trade fair, the essentials are clear: the product. That's why klardenker works with the motto "Less is more". So there are no overloaded stands in which every possibility offered by digitization is built in. klardenker does not lure customers with loud music, flashing lights and huge video screens. Rather, it is a question of returning to the emotional appeal of the customer, which offers them an experience. Because a personal experience remains longer and more positively in the memory than an excessive demand by too much of everything. Pretty new, isn't it? New, because much doesn't help much after all. New, because emotional contacts between people are worth more than loud and shrill moving pictures. Through interaction with the brand, it remains in the customer's memory and is positively charged.The Shoe manufacturer Nike  manages to start a big movement with just three words. The advertising slogan "Just do it! addresses the target group directly and invites them to take action. A story with which every customer can identify. It is precisely this emotional bond to a brand that encourages the customer to buy. 


Additionally it’s sustainable

Reducing a trade fair appearance or an event also brings something positive. Not only us, but also our planet. Hand on your heart. How much plastic packaging do you use per week? In Germany, the handling of plastic waste is very well thought out, but a lot of plastic is also handled very irresponsibly. Do you think, for example, about the fact that a plastic bottle has a "natural" decomposition time of 450 years? But even after this time it has not completely disintegrated, but most likely swims through the oceans as a microplastic. 

For this reason, plastic-free alternatives are often used. It is precisely this principle that klardenker follows when constructing exhibition stands. Even before materials are planned and purchased, the question arises: What can we reuse? Only what is really necessary is used. Not only does this reduce waste, it also saves material costs. Briefly in figures: At one of the latest exhibition stands, designed by klardenker, there was 67% less waste than at a conventional stand. But klardenker also significantly reduces CO2 emissions, also through the low consumption of resources. 

The idea of our founder David Suermann was at the beginning a completely personal request. "Waste production at trade fairs has always occupied me - especially since I have my own children and want to offer them a future. The thought of what my contribution could be for a future worth living for also kept me going." With the experience manufactory klardenker, he is now making a major contribution to the future. 


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